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The Mysteries of Florence


14 pages, stapled, 120 g printed recycled paper made with the algae of the Venice lagoon

A guide book to Florence’s secrets through history, games and curiosities.

Florence is a city full of secrets to uncover. Each time you visit it you can discover curious places that you had never noticed before: peering up, necks cricked back you see it from a new point of view. Be wary to let your guard down. Now hone your vision to discover Florence’s mysterious and scarier side!

Use this guide as a type of shield gripped tightly in your hands and work your way towards that really tall door. What kind of giant lives in there? And that head that sticks out on top of that palace, what is it doing? Look at these sculptures: Do you have the courage to face the optical illusions hidden in them for years?

History intertwines with curious tales that explain everything that you will encounter.

(Translations by Karen Marie Giacobassi)

Disponibilità: 15 disponibili